Dolls & Gents, let me first say how much I love my beautiful country. I’m a #proudAmerican and have always enjoyed the opportunities that my country offers, not to mention our liberties! I consider myself to be worldly and now that we  can travel from our laptops, I’ve discovered some wonderful cultural benefits that South America, our neighbor has to offer. If you plan to visit any country in South America I want you to be prepared and for you South Americans that plan on visiting North America, here are some tips.  

Now, what South Americans should keep in mind is that we North Americans in the United States of America are “regional” folks and this means, what’s done in NYC may not be acceptable in Atlanta. The midwestern cities like Chicago have different mannerisms, foods and habits than any Yankees (Northeastern) or southerners. But, as a whole, we folks of the good ole US of A, are pretty much alike-I think. 

Here are a list of things South America has to offer that are quite different from North American customs;

  • The middle class and upper class have maid service, nannies and chauffeurs~ how special, someone needs to talk to the boy toy please!
  • Their children move out only when married ~wowzer, this would drive North Americans cray cray!
  • Sundays are family days and they bore lots of kids  so everyone gathers at the patriarchs home ~ gosh, cooking for that many people on a weekly basis would drive us crazy!
  • Damn near everyone is Catholic
  • They are fantastic at architecture and interior design ~we buy floral arrangements but they cut and design their own…fabulosity!
  • It’s common for the wife to be a homemaker. Her main job is to see that the help serves them properly and she gets to do lunch with her girl friends! ~now this idea, I could live with…who’d have thought that I could chill at home & do cocktails & gossip?
  • Education is a privilege and not always free after primary school but, if you pass the college entrance exams, you’re education to a university is free. ~Now, why didn’t we think of that? Free higher educations?
  • They’re winters start in June! ~I mean, if 5o*F is cold then sign me up!
  • They have their own social circle and they rarely invite newcomers in ~Oh drag, we like making new friends and making introductions:(
  • You may need to hire a personal security guard so that you aren’t robbed, they have a high kidnap rate ~I see why they don’t make new friends, you never know who’s plotting to kidnap your arse!
  • South American women are very fashionable and trendy and are rarely seen looking a mess. They also love to entertain guests ~we have a hard time finding time to entertain after a 40 hour plus work week, we’re exhausted!

Here are some tips for South Americans when visiting North America;

  • North Americans like to make friends, we are social and very outgoing. Expect jokes and brutal honesty and lots of sarcastic comments ~Don’t be offended, this is just our way of being “funny”
  • We do not have maid service unless we are wealthy. We’re rather personal and would prefer to clean up after ourselves because we don’t want you to gossip about how messy one can be ~this isn’t my case but I can say some folks are plan nasty and need “home training” as we say
  • We only hire chauffeurs and security if we are celebrities however we love high end toys like Ferrari’s and Lambos and we prefer to drive ourselves ~this can be annoying in NYC since traffic is always hectic
  • North American’s think that working 50 hours a week is ideal and we complain about it instead of taking time off and/or taking advantage of our vacation time ~South Americans love to take vacations and unwind
  • College and universities cost a lot of money so if you do not apply for a scholarship and write 1 million essays, you won’t get in for free. Public schools for grades k through 12 are free but you may experience overcrowded class rooms ~Oh, you South Americans have the advantage!
  • Our social life consist of going to lounges, restaurants and clubs. We usually travel in large groups and seldom bring friends home because our homes are our private haven ~Don’t be offended if you aren’t invited to the house
  • We move out of the house at 18 years old and try to remain independent but if we divorce or loose our jobs, we go home to mama and our parents allow us to even though they’re thinking of how to get you the hell out of our homes, LOL
  • The average American has 2 kids, anymore than that would be too damn expensive. We think 2 kids are ideal.

I hope this info is helpful to you so that when you’re traveling or if you happen to meet a South American, you’ll know a little about them culturally. I recommend you guys check out this fabulous website called (you must add br after .com since it’s a Brazilian portal).  The girl who manages this site is totally talented and she deserves kudo’s on her work. I’ve gotten so many ideas on architecture, fashion and health from this site…I’m totally addicted! Tell me if you agree! 


  1. Nice blog, but where are you getting that higher education in the southern U.S. is free? Also, maid service and parties…..sounds like something from the 1950s! I live in Nashville, TN and I have no idea where you got your information.

    1. Hi Sarah….I don’t think you read the blog correctly…loosely it says in the US education is free from grades k through 12….that is true. I’m not sure where you got the “southern U.S. is free…take a second read please.

    1. Absolutely not. I love South America and just came back from Colombia. This post explains lifestyle differences and what makes each country unique. I never had a comment like this since this is the most favored read. But, thanks for asking!

  2. I would like to ask, Is the meaning of the word asshole differs from South America to North America? Don’t get me wrong, but I need this piece of information urgently to use it in my argument in a reflection paper. Thanks in advance:)

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