Who’s that girl? Well it’s me; mom, sister, niece, cousin, friend, philanthropist, spiritualist, journalist y mas!

I was blessed to be asked to be the 1st morena latina to represent Latinos in the United States in Latin Connection Magazine! Such a huge honor and wonderful to see “color” to the issue.  Many are shocked to learn that I’m of hispanic descent, which never ceases to amaze me. I mean, really folks…do you travel? Did you think Latinos are a “specific” color? Did you not know that the Americas was and is truly a melting pot and slaves mixed with Europeans and Native Indians? This is why I’d never check “African-American” or “Black” on any census report, medical records, etc. The fact remains, we Americans are mestizos & mulattos and that’s just the bottom line. When I travel to visit family in the Dominican Republic, I see Dominicans who look like people I know in the United States. When I watch Spanish-speaking novelas, I see women of color who favor my friends and family in the United States. You can’t tell who’s from where and that’s what makes our citizens unique.

What I really wanted to convey during my article was the importance of education, investments & charity.  Unfortunately, you won’t really get a clear message about that because the person that interviewed me mainly spoke about herself and I guess she either didn’t take notes, nor had a recorder, nor did it seem she was really interested in the jewels that I was dropping. But, you know what? I’m fine with it because I spoke to Wayne the publisher and he allowed me to add some facts to my bio which is how the writer laid it out. She basically just cut and pasted it. It would be fair to say, she’s a doctor and athlete by trade and not a writer. Hey, what can I say? Just grateful I was about to add to my story and get the message in black and white.

Speaking of black & white…people are not longer just black or white and it’s a beautiful thing! Embrace the fact that we American’s are beautiful no matter how light or dark we are. No matter how curly or straight our hair is, we are all God’s people and deserve to be respected as human. Will we stop making a claim on our heritage? Will Irish Americans be known as “Americans?” Will you continue to falsely call moreno American’s “African-Americans” when we have no knowledge of our heritage in over 200 years? Will Argentinians consider themselves “Americans” and not Italians??? I could go on and on and on about this but the bottom line is, celebrate you and where you live and whom you come from but lets not forget, America was Native Indian land and the common link that many white & black Americans is….hey, Latinos in America are simply…Americans! #Salute #LatinNation

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