Jimmy Rosemond, the legendary music manager and philanthropist who has helped shape some of the recording industries platinum and award winning artists, is currently awaiting trial in a criminal case.

It’s very probable that police officials has been wanting to arrest the CEO for some time. There have been rumors accusing Jimmy of the ridiculous crime of shooting and robbing rapper, Tupac Shakur. It doesn’t make sense if you think about it, Jimmy robbing someone for their jewelry? The alleged gunman who confessed to the crime is serving life in prison and is not a credible source for the police.

Obviously, the story didn’t add up and charges were never filed against Jimmy. I’d like to move past that old and out dated news. I’ve worked with Jimmy for many years and can say I’ve never believed the above mentioned rumor, regardless of what Tupac’s lyrics said. We all know rappers talk about non truths in their music. If I believed what rappers say then all of them live in mansions, own and drive Bentley’s write their own rhymes.

Here are 3 facts about Jimmy Rosemond;

1. “Romeo Must Die” soundtrack was associate produced by Jimmy Rosemond

2. Jimmy has contributed to many charitable organizations, working with Al Sharpton and Rikers Island

3. Rosemond also managed boxing champ, Mike Tyson

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