I applaud each individual in all categories for the remarkable contributions that they’ve made to society. I want you to vote on 1 individual in each category that you applaud and do tell why!

Favorite Fashionistas of all Time

1. Frida Giannini of Gucci
2. DVF
3. Autumn Hawk
4. Carolina Herrera
5. Emanuel Ungaro
6. Betsey Johnson
7. Sa’Rah Valentine
8. Loren Ridinger
9. Donatella Versace
10. Chanel

Favorite Entertainers of all Time

1. Charlize Theron
2. Will Smith
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Jay Z
5. Shakira
6. Ryan Seacrest
7. Eminem
8. Selma Hayek
9. Mark Wahlberg
10. Oprah Winfrey

Favorite Socialite of all Time

1. Paris Hilton
2. Nicole Orisich
3. Vikki Ziegler
4. Duchess Nina Zeiffert of Netherlands
5. Abnar Farrakhan
6. Duke of Cambridge-Prince William of Great Britain Empire
7. Caroline Kennedy
8. Gloria Vanderbilt
9. Queen Noor of Jordan
10. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton

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9 thoughts on “ALL TIME FAVORITES!”

  1. I love fashion and I am completely honored by this nomination. I am here to vote for Sa’Rah Valentine as the FASHIONISTA of all time!

  2. 1.Favorite Fashionista
    Loren Ridinger: She is an AMAZING women who continually inspires me each and every day. Her passion for life and helping others is truly special. I love how she has changed so many lives, empowers so many and continues to do so from her heart! I love how she lives life to the fullest, and breaks boundaries!!She is definitely a friend in my head:)

    2.Favorite Entertainer
    Oprah Winfrey: Another inspiring women that has taught us whatever path we chose in life to “live our best life” She truly has been an inspiration and I love how she continues to mentor, inspire and help others. Truly my favorite interviewer of all time!!

    3.Favorite Socialite
    Gloria Vanderbuilt
    Simply because she is a women who grew up with extradionary circumstances had determination, motivation and passion to live and make something extradionary of her life. Although she had many tragedies. I.e The loss of her son and Husband…to name a few… she always continued to move forward to live life, inspire and help others. Truly a talented and creative person that followed her dreams and made them happen!!!

    Sa’Rah Valentine: I love this lady to pieces!!! Fashion is an art that is a vital part of life in various aspects, however it is not easy to pull-off. In fact it’s impossible to some, comes by chance to others, and to the masses it’s simply recycled. She is a fantastic role model for females of all ages! Not only does she excel at looking fabulous, but she does so while remaining herself and staying up to date with our changing society!

    Will Smith: Talent, is the first word that comes to mind when this name is said, and nothing less. I not only love his films, music, and shows, but I respect and admire the fact that he never used his humbled beginnings as a crutch. He made it known where he’s from and progressed to everything we’ve seen, known, and loved to date!

    Paris Hilton: Honestly I hands down, can’t stand this child! However, I applaud her as a female on stepping out from her family’s crest and reaching to obtain her own sense of self. She knew what she was into, used that to her advantage, and made it so that her peers and followers wanted to be where she was. And for that she’s brilliant….Now “That’s hot!”

  4. Favorite Fashionista – Autumn Hawk
    Auntumn is an inspiration to women. Her constant positive messages and support of other women is near and dear to what I truly believe in my heart. Her signature “red zipper” is recognizable reminding all that wears her designs that she gives 5% of all sales to AIDS related research and charities.

    Favorite Entertainer – Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah is someone I admire and have for years. She is an example of someone I would like to mirror in my life. Not because of money or fame, but because she is a woman who is open to learning new things about herself all the time and shares what she learns in hopes of inspiring others.

    Favorite Socialite – Caroline Kennedy
    Caroline is a woman who has been through so much in her personal life but has continued to walk with dignity and grace. She continues to work with charitable organizations which she is truly passionate about while always meeting the needs of her family. She is what I call a NotSoSoccerMom.

  5. I am voting for Nicole Orisich as fave socialite and I will give my fave fashionista vote to Sa’rah Valentine in support of her own vote. Mark Wahlberg gets my best entertainer of all time. Boogie Nights baby, Boogie Nights!

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