Now that rapper & #actress Eve tied the knot to the designer and CEO of the international motor rally company #Gumball3000,  Mr. #MaximillionCooper  she’s never looked better! No disrespect to Eve but when I say better, I mean happy and fashionably chic’er than usual.  Not to mention this chic Philly girl did tie the knot in Ibiza!


I mean really, let’s not get emotional about this but she’s making her own fashion moves as shown here, front row at Ashish Show during London Fashion Week, spring and summer collection debut.  Now, I’m not sure if that’s a ruby on her finger along with her wedding baad, since photos can be deceiving but whatever stone she’s rockin’….I like it.  Congrats to #Eve and #MaxCooper you two definitely compliment one another.  I’ll see you guys next year at the rally!


The crap hit the fan when popular paparazzi website and show #TMZ posted a video tape of #NFL’er #RayRice punching his  then fiancé in the face and as she was going down, she seemed to hit her head on the elevator rail and was knocked out cold!  As if it couldn’t get any worse….it did. He then dragged her out of the elevator and plunked her down on the floor face first, and as he stood over her, he kicked her shoe.  It literally made my blood boil and the words that I’d like to use, I simply won’t write!  This woman could have been brain-damaged or worse, killed.

The NFL’s position is that they never say the video footage. I find this very hard to believe since I’m almost positive that they out source a team of private investigators for situations of this nature, which is any and all situations that could harm their brand.  Rice was arrested for this crime and I’m sure the video footage was used as evidence and if it wasn’t then the police did not do a thorough investigation.  The #NFL should come clean with what they really knew, period-or exclamation mark!  I’m disgusted with the#NFL and the front office of the #BaltimoreRavens.  They should be ashamed of themselves!  More than 30% of football fans are women.  Do they not care about their fans?  Do they have mothers, daughters and/or sisters?  What about the women that work within their organization, do they care about them?

How dare the #NFL arrange for the abused young lady sit next to #RayRice at his press conference to read an apology and what I’d really like to know is….why did she marry him a month and some change later? Who and where is her father or the male figures in her life?  There is no amount of money that would make me marry this type of person. He is not a man and let’s be frank, as a football player, you are in the best of shape, do you mean to tell me he couldn’t pick her up and carry her out of the elevator and try to get help? The video made me think that he really didn’t love her, let alone care about her well-being after seeing how he stood over her and remained calm.

My thoughts are with abused women throughout the world. Many women are abused daily and they stick it out with their so-called men, which usually gets worse.  I’ve been assaulted by an ex-boyfriend but he only had one opportunity to put his hands on me and I ended the relationship and the police and prosecutors were involved.  I took it to trial and he lied in a court of law and was found not guilty - thanks to the prosecutor not being prepared nor did the prosecutor subpoena my medical records.  I’m an open book and would never be ashamed of my story.  We all have weak moments but I’d never place myself in an abusive relationship, nor accept an apology.  I can forgive but I’d never forget!  It only took one time and because I love myself too much, I’d never allow anyone to abuse me and not for the sake of status nor a check. He got off but he’ll never lay another hand on me without consequences.

An organization like the #NFL and the owners of the #BaltimoreRavens should reconsider the type of people that they hire.  A lot of these football players have issues; I wonder if they do background checks and if they don’t they need to start.  What policies are they willing to implement, to protect families of #NFL players and coaches?  They give harsh treatments for the use of drugs, including drugs that are legal in certain states and medicine that is prescribed for reproduction and pro-creation.  The initial punishment was a couple of games?  Not acceptable and until the #NFL show and prove that this will not be accepted, I’ll never purchase a seat to attend a game, not with my hard-earned money.  I’m vowing to take a stand against any kind of abuse whether it’s physical, mental, or sexual.  I’m not saying that I won’t defend myself from someone doing harm to me or my family, we all have a right to protect ourselves nor make ourselves someones prey.

Hopefully, both Rice and his wife will be able to get the proper help, after all they are married now.  I pray that she doesn’t become victimized and blamed for his faults, for he is the sole person responsible for loosing his job.  Maybe something positive will come out of this very bad situation.  We don’t know how he was raised, what his family background is but we do know that as an adult, and that he knew better and to know better is to do better.  I wish the Rice’s peace, light and recovery.


This past weekend has been exhausting yet rewarding. I’d first like to say rest in peace to one of my favorite icons, Ms. #JoanRivers.  We lost a great spirit and one whom I plan to continue following her blueprint to success. I wish her daughter Melissa, grandson Conner, assistant Sabrina and all of her colleagues and friends love & light. Now you all have an angel.

New York Fashion Week #NYFW is here and this city is buzzing with fashion shows, fashion presentation, fashion night out and blah blah blah…you get the picture. It’s almost over kids and us New Yorker’s can get back to some sort of normalcy.

God is continuing to save the King, or shall I say Queen. We got breaking news that #KateMiddleton is with child. So #PrinceWilliam has an heir and will have that spare very soon. Congrats to the beautiful couple as babies are such a blessing. 

Happy birthday #Beyonce. It’s nice to hear that you and hubby #JayZ have spent your day in Italia. But I must say, #FranDrescher has trumped everyone with her marriage to the man who holds the patent to email…that is so freaking major! I mean, really. Now google THAT! I’ve never heard of such and could not have imagined that a patent to email even EXISTED! Big shout out to Fran. I thought I found a good catch but you just topped every one I know and have heard of and that includes the Obamas!


Whelp guys & dolls,

I had an amazing dinner party at STK Steakhouse in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.  We had a very lively mix of friends.  Everyone from basketball legend, Kenny Anderson and his brother “Famous” along with my hubby boxing judge and retired NFL champion, Alexsi Geraldino, “Mob Wives” star Karen Gravano, “Princesses of Long Island” Ashlee White, Adult film star who’s scheduled to land in space in 2015 Miss Coco Brown, “Brooklyn 11223′s” Kelly Linton, blogger Brownie Marie and her photographer Patrick, my Getty Image favorite photographer Steve Mack and last but not least my fellow media mogul Bruce Lyn! #Champagne #Steak #foodie #foodporn and a #pornstar …oh what a night!  My girl Kelly gave us some serious #shoeporn while I felt ravishing in my #CatherineMalandrino dress and #BrianAtwood shoes xoxo

stk_sibrena_Ashlee stk_Kenny_Sibrena stk_coco_kelly stk_Karen_Sibrena stk_sibrena stk_brownie stk_Sibrena_KarenG stk_kenny stk_alex_sibrena


My dolls & gents are surely not ignorant to the hottest news in the rags and so I thought its best to discuss what the meaning of privacy means to celebrities and public figures.  I mean, I do know something about it since I am a publicist to many of these characters.  I can give my expert opinion and why they remain silent about personal issues.

As we peek in to the daily lives of our most favorite celebs, we get a glimpse of what their overall image is and how they project themselves to the world.  No one wants to seem like an arrogant jerk or even a psychotic, and the truth is….IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!  Would you want the world to see a less than perfect you? Not everyone wants to be a reality star and when their personal business becomes the hot topic over the internet and print and television news, they too wished they had not been on a reality based show.

Do you think this is the first confrontation Beyoncé and Jay Z has had with Solange? Maybe, maybe not.  Will it be the last? I doubt it. They’re family and just like any family in the world, you tend to hurt the ones you love in some manner, by an argument that becomes bigger than expected because hurt feelings cause folks to hurt one another in return. This is normal folks and if you tell me you don’t argue with family, I’d say that you are the only one in your family….SOLO.

Have the BeyZ couple handled it properly but not making any comment? I’d say, absolutely 100%! Why comment on a situation that happened among family members with the ENTIRE world? They’re not obligated to share every private moment in their lives and certainly not their unpleasant moments with the world.  Besides, if Jay Z or Beyoncé DID say something about the incident, the world would condemn one or the other for speaking about their sister or sister-in-law.  You can’t nor won’t win!

Huffington Post posted an article entitled: “Jackie Kennedy letters reveal her feelings on being married to JFK” and the letters were written to an Irish priest over the span of a 14 year correspondence with him and the letters will be auctioned off in June in Ireland.  Is this an envision of privacy? In my opinion, yes.  The priest is no longer alive and neither Jackie Kennedy but, I believe anything said or written to a man/woman of clergy should remain private.  And the public wants to know why celebrities are so secretive?   See Huffingtonpost.com for the entire article.

I have a hard time sharing with anyone any disagreements that I have had with my family.  It’s usually best to keep those stories to yourself.  Am I a public figure and do I have the right to keep my family disagreements private? The answers are yes and yes! I’m a public figure in the sense that I am a journalist, I represent high-profile figures and am often quoted in the media and I handle sensitive affairs.  I will never talk ill about my husband or daughter, cousins, aunts nor step siblings to any stranger nor friends unless, it’s positive or inspiring information .  I may have in the past, shared with a close friend or family how I may have felt about my daughter during a dispute, merely for guidance and venting.  Would I ever do that again?  Probably not with close friends without it being a joke or as comedy relief.

As I’ve discovered, when you vent to a friend they will have an attitude with your loved ones and when you are over the problem with family, the friend will cling to that issue like it was their own personal battle.  Maybe because they care for you or it very well may be because they somehow seem to think that their lives are perfect therefore, they can and will treat your loved ones like the dirt on their shoes.  You may get the opportunity to see that the fake sense of “complete happiness” or “marriage bliss” is all a front and that they too have family issues that they will never discuss because they want you to think that they live a “June Cleaver of Leave it to Beaver” life or perhaps you won’t ever get to see that side.  I will say, all truth come to light and the very thing that they’re are pissed about with your family problem is the very thing that they too are experiencing or worse.

So, lesson learned.  Since divorce is not an option, I will not discuss my husband and my private issues nor will I discuss any issues that I may have in the future about my daughter, cousins, aunts or step-siblings. This to me, is as private as a letter or confession to my priest and I will not tarnish my family’s reputation.  I too will let the world think we are the “Beavers.”  So think before you speak and it the case with Beyoncé, Jay Z, Jackie & John F. Kennedy…they most definitely think about the image that they are sharing with the world.  Maybe everyone should try it!



ChandalierCake Wedding The kiss wedding KarenG Sibrena Wedding pic PrayingAt Mary Wedding Dana Alex Sibrena TheCake group wedding pic KimO SibrenaWedding Mommy Daughter Wedding djEd SibrenaWedding Demetria Sibrena Alex Estylez Sibrena Wedding Mikey Sibrena Alex Wedding Mr Huff Post Sibrena Wedding Just Married

Guess what Dolls & Gents? I GOT MARRIED!!!

I’m still on cloud #9 and happy to say that I am now called, Mrs. Geraldino! We got hitched on March 9th, 2014 and it was the best wedding ever!!!

Let me start off with the details of the night before the wedding.  My dear friends from Colombia, South America  flew up and we spend time with them before getting whisked off to the W Hotel in Hoboken, New Jersey for time apart from my groom.

I stayed in a beautiful suite overlooking the Hudson River with the Manhattan skyline in full view. I had a wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding at Saint Henry’s Cathedral Church in Bayonne, New Jersey and hosted a rehearsal dinner at my home, buffet style.  It is the American tradition to have a rehearsal dinner for all of the brides maids and grooms men to attend, along with the parents of the bride and groom to be.  This is truly an appreciation dinner and the bride  and groom delivers “thank you” gifts to their wedding party.  We gave our brides maids an official Walt Disney Collections watch, thank you cards and scented candles with a votive that had our names and wedding date on it; we bought the grooms men all matching pocket squares and bow ties that they were to wear during the wedding ceremony, along with the scented candles and votives that a the brides maids received.

After the dinner, one half of my official witnesses, Lina and I headed back to the hotel where both my hair stylist and another bridesmaid stayed. A few of us chatted a bit and off to bed I went for my rest. I didn’t want to look tired on my big day so no bachelorette party for me!

I woke up bright and early on my wedding day and was excited yet nervous! My glam team came to my room along with my daughter and cousins  while I proceeded to be pampered.  Everyone made me feel so special and I was so relieved that I didn’t have to do much except, “be” and exist!

My daughter Natasha served me champagne and fruit, painted my nails and handled other important details like making sure our vehicle had arrived on time.  My make up artist, Juizy Bella beat my face to perfection as well as, my brides maids faces.  Tanisha Monique Moore styled my hair beautifully and was so fast and fierce with her work.  My adopted daughter, Juliana made sure my glass of champagne stayed full (this was a very important job); the designer Arlinda of Sofistafunk designed my brides maids outfits and she came to make sure the girls knew how to properly wear their garments.  Everyone and everything was stress free!

Before leaving the hotel, we took pictures inside the hotel and bolted out to a shiny new Range Rover which was rented from Gotham Dream Cars, the luxury car club based in New York City and headed to the church because my groom awaited!

We arrived at Saint Henry’s church at exactly 2:58pm and Father Alfie came to the confessional room where I awaited to tell me how beautiful I looked. He was the first person that was not in my party to tell me that.

Needless to say, the entire wedding was so beautiful! The processional song that the groom- Alex and our wedding party walked to was, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”  by J.S. Bach; my entrance was to the same song that Princess Diana walked down the aisle to – which was, “Trumpet Voluntary”  by Clarke; the responsorial Psalm, “The Earth Is Full of the Goodness of the Lord” and the Gospel Acclamation, “Praise To You, Lord Jesus Christ” was also sang.

What was very special to Alex and I was the  ‘unity candle’ that we lit with the candle that we had made in my mother, Betty Dolores Evan’s honor since she has been deceased for some time. I want to incorporate tokens that would honor her so that spiritually, she was there with us. While we lit the candle, the song, ” Song Bridegroom & Bride” was sang and we also made special time to pray at the Blessed Mother Mary’s feet while the Marian Tribute song of Ave Maria” by Schubert was sang.

Finally, we were pronounced husband and wife and we strolled down the aisle to the recessional,  “Joyful, Joyful” by Beethoven! Cantor, Roseann Grossman and organist/music director, Chad Perry did an excellent job!

Our reception followed at the Liberty Science Center where we booked the Observatory Tower.  We had butler passed hor d’oeuvres of xavier, tuna tartar, mac n’ cheese truffles, filet mignon and more including; Several desserts, a candy station and the conversation piece was the CHANDELIER CAKE with a few different flavors – lemon, red velvet and rum cakes made by Desserts by Dana.  It was absolutely delicious!  My partner and attorney, Kojo and his wife ingrid gifted us our last hour of Mojito cocktails which went well with the food and latin band.

Oh, and guess what?  We had live entertainment by DJ Ed, who spun hits and Alex’s 90 year old grandfather, a famous latin composer and arranger, Emilio “El Chiripa” Aracena and his band, Soneros de Oriente.  Our first dance was so special as we danced to “Dos Gardenias,” a song that his grandfather wrote especially for us.  The band and music from DJ Ed was amazing!!!

So much was special about our wedding. My husband Alex had a fabulous tuxedo made by our friends at Harlem Haberdashery’s team of designers (thank you Sharene, Louis and Guy) and everyone kept complimenting him on his brocade fabric and the excellent tailoring of the tux.  Alex’s shoes were made in Europe by Bachelor Shoes, where Alex went online and doing it himself.  The company really looked out for us by shipping it earlier than expected so that he could have them on time!  And I can’t forget my jeweler friends, Joe at Gemelli’s Jewelers, who designed my wedding band of yellow gold, emeralds and diamonds and customized it to fit my engagement ring of emeralds, perfectly.  Alex choose a Greek design for his band of 2 true golds.

Believe it or not, for my wedding gown I went to one wedding boutique named Alura’s Bridal Boutique at their Bayonne, New Jersey location. I picked out 4 dresses and when I tried on THE dress, I knew it was the one! I needed no alterations, absolutely nothing at all was done to the dress except steaming it. For my reception dress, I really wanted to wear black and I found the perfect cocktail dress at a store in Manhattan.  My husband gifted me a pair of Betsey Johnson’s crystal studded platformed, stilettos which were called, “Wish,” and they had blue soles which went perfectly with both dresses.  My vintage white fur jacket topped everything off!

My family and friends traveled from near and far, which made the day so special.  We had a nice time and I’d like to give a special thank you to 2 special men whom officiated our nuptials; Reverend (Father) Alfie Pangilinan and Reverend Mr. Doroteo Layosa, II.  And, I’d like to thank my wedding party whom are very special to us as well. My daughter Natasha Roberts of Manhattan and Tyrone Robinson of Philadelphia – both of whom walked me down the aisle, giving me away; My mother in law Maritza Liriano and Alex’s uncle Jose Aracena, both of whom escorted Alex to accept my hand, our official witnesses Lina Naranjo & Gabe Serna of Bogota,  brides maids Takia Walker and Tammy Smith of New Jersey, grooms men Jesse Liriano & Mikhail Espinal – brothers of the Groom from New York City, and the flower girl Lamya Gentry of Philadelphia.

I must say, it was truly a joyful day that we shall never forget. I pray that God continues to bless our union and protect us from any evil! AMEN


Tonight, it’s the 71st Annual #GoldenGlobeAwards and I’m so excited about getting to see who’s going to receive the prestigious #GoldenGlobeAwards.  Most importantly, I want to know who’s going to wear that jaw dropping dress!

I’m betting on “12 Years A Slave” for sure! #StayTuned #BetonBlack #WellWritten #WellReceived and Directed by #SteveMcQueen

71st goldenglobes



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